China’s Growing Influence in International Politics: Implications for the World Order


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Selasa, 28 Maret 2023 - 08:11 WIB

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China's growing influence also has significant economic implications for the world.

China's growing influence also has significant economic implications for the world.

In recent years, China’s growing influence in international politics has become increasingly apparent. As the world’s second-largest economy, China has leveraged its economic might to expand its global influence, pursuing a strategy of economic diplomacy to deepen its ties with countries around the world.

One of the key implications of China’s growing influence is the changing balance of power in the world order. China’s rise as a global superpower has challenged the dominance of the United States, which has traditionally been the world’s leading economic and military power. This has led to increased competition and tensions between the two countries, as well as a shift in the geopolitical landscape of the world.

Another implication of China’s growing influence is the impact it is having on global governance. China has sought to play a more prominent role in international organizations such as the United Nations, and has increasingly used its economic power to shape the policies and decisions of these institutions. This has led to concerns that China may seek to undermine the existing international order and promote a more authoritarian model of governance.

China’s growing influence also has significant economic implications for the world. As China continues to expand its economic ties with countries around the world, it is increasingly becoming a key player in global trade and investment. This has led to concerns about the impact of China’s economic policies on the global economy, including issues such as intellectual property theft, unfair trade practices, and the impact of China’s state-owned enterprises on global competition.

Finally, China’s growing influence in international politics has significant implications for human rights and democracy around the world. China’s government has been criticized for its human rights record, including issues such as censorship, repression of dissent, and the treatment of minority groups such as the Uighurs in Xinjiang. As China’s influence grows, there are concerns that it may seek to export its authoritarian model of governance to other countries, undermining the global push for democracy and human rights.

Here are six short tips to travel to China:

  • Plan your itinerary in advance: China is a vast country with numerous attractions, so it’s best to plan your itinerary in advance to make the most of your trip. Research the places you want to visit and decide on the transportation and accommodation options that suit your budget.
  • Learn some basic Mandarin: Although English is spoken in some parts of China, especially in tourist areas, it’s always helpful to learn some basic Mandarin phrases to communicate with the locals. This can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Prepare for the weather: China has a diverse climate, so make sure you pack appropriately for the weather in the regions you’ll be visiting. Check the weather forecast before you depart and bring the necessary clothing and gear.
  • Be aware of cultural differences: China has a unique culture, so it’s important to be respectful of local customs and traditions. For example, removing your shoes before entering someone’s home or temple is a common practice in China.
  • Have cash on hand: While many places in China accept credit cards, it’s always good to have cash on hand for smaller transactions and in case of emergencies. Make sure to exchange your currency for Chinese Yuan (CNY) before you arrive in China.
  • Be prepared for the language barrier: Even if you learn some Mandarin, you may still encounter language barriers during your trip. Consider downloading a translation app or carrying a phrasebook with you to help you communicate with locals.

Here are five popular Chinese movies:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000):

This martial arts film directed by Ang Lee was a critical and commercial success both in China and internationally. It stars Chow Yun-fat, Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziyi.

House of Flying Daggers (2004):

Another martial arts film, this one directed by Zhang Yimou, tells the story of a love triangle set against the backdrop of the Tang dynasty. It stars Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Andy Lau.

Hero (2002):

Directed by Zhang Yimou, Hero is a martial arts epic set in ancient China. It stars Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, and Zhang Ziyi.

Farewell My Concubine (1993):

This drama film directed by Chen Kaige follows the story of two male Peking opera performers and their tumultuous relationship over the course of fifty years. It stars Leslie Cheung, Gong Li, and Zhang Fengyi.

To Live (1994):

Directed by Zhang Yimou, this drama film is based on the novel of the same name by Yu Hua. It tells the story of a family’s struggles during China’s tumultuous history from the 1940s to the 1970s. It stars Ge You and Gong Li.



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